A Janela de Márcia

In 2008, while living in the American desert far from the Brazilian beaches of her native home, Márcia Pirmez curated an exhibit for the Olinda artist Lula Marcondes at La Pena Art Gallery in Austin, TX. As an expression of friendship, Lula Marcondes gave a gift to Márcia: a painting of a window that looked out over Florianópolis, the island she loved and missed so much. Inspired by Marcondes window, Márcia dreamed a way back to the island. In 2009 she moved back to Brazil and opened a bed and breakfast. Like the painting A Janela de Márcia, the colorful B&B of Márcia’s dreams, offers travelers a magical window into the unforgettable world of Florianópolis.

About Márcia

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Márcia Gazola is a world traveler at heart. She lived for 25 years between New York City and Austin/Texas, and has traveled extensively in Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland and México. A lover of music and the arts, with a warm, unforgettable personality and amazing sense of style, Márcia will be certain to insure that your stay in Florianópolis is a wonderful and unforgettable experience.